Welcome to Pamela McGeorge’s Garden Blog

I married a gipsy and wherever we moved over the years I had to have a garden. At Waipori, in the bush-covered hills near Dunedin, in Berkeley in California when the gipsy was a student, on the outskirts of Paris in France where we lived for more than five years, in Auckland, Alexandra and Wellington I’ve made gardens – and left them behind. Now I’m in Wanaka and here I shall stay. In spite of the frosty winters it’s a great place to garden, just so long as you don’t crave sub-tropicals!
I’ve loved gardening for most of my life but for 20 years writing about gardens has provided an in-come, first with NZ Gardener where I became editor, later with various newspapers and magazines, most recently with Weekend Gardener. I have also written several books about plants, published by Bateman Ltd. Auckland.
Like gardening itself, writing about gardens gets into the blood.

Part of the author’s garden in late spring.